Example Code: https://github.com/childofthehorn/network_classification_android This is an example implementation of the Facebook connectionclass library with the Natve broadcast receiver from ChilldoftheHorn’s BABBQNetworkReceiver to determine the best network speed standards and classifiers to use dynamically througha combination of radio information, download speed, and system broadcasts. This is in progress to get DisplayMetrics […]

Android Network Decision App

Hot off the presses tonight! A Women Techmakers Keycap! I have included Stemless as well if you would like to add in your own unique stem type (for those with rubber-dome or Topre keyboards). Covers all major Mechanical Keyboards with Cherry MX and Alps (Matias) compatible Stems. ! will print off […]

Women Techmakers Keycap for Mechanical Keyboards

These theme styles will allow full width and scaled Material-Styled Dialogs with the elevation shading for all devices down to Android 4.0(tested). For Lollipop  with proper scaling: add this to /res/values-v21/themes.xml <style name=”MaterialDialog” parent=”android:Theme.Material.Light.Dialog.NoActionBar.MinWidth”> <item name=”background”>@null</item> <item name=”elevation”>24dp</item> <item name=”android:padding”>0dp</item> </style> Doing this, you still need to define a style […]

MaterialDialogs scaling universally even using AppCompact

  My Slides Big Trouble in Little Networks from Stacy Devino Better Youtube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxQl56aJ09A&list=PLWz5rJ2EKKc_HyE1QX9heAgTPdAMqc50z&index=21 Follow @DoesitPew

Big Trouble in Little Networks (Android edition)

My Pumpkin and Code! Arduino / Intel Galileo Code <<< GitHub Uses the Seeedstudio Grove Plugin, MP3 Player , Motion Sensor, RGB LED Strip, RGB 16×2 Character Display, and a Wireless speaker. Painted and Made in about an hour! Recipe on SeeedStudio.   A costume I made from some Cardboard and […]