Keynote Speaker – Droidcon London – October 2019 – London, GB

Conference OrganizerDevFest DFW, GDG Dallas – Feb. 2019

Speaker and  Conference Organizer – International Women’s Day Dallas, WWC and WTM Dallas – March, 2019 – Plano, TX

Presenter – Texas Pinball Festival, Vector Restoration/ Hacking Group – March 2019 – Frisco, TX

Conference Organizer – Let’s Play Gaming  Expo – July 2019 – Irving, TX

Ongoing :  Electronics / Restoration / 3D printing and modeling Instructor – Dallas Makerspace – Carrollton, TX


Speaker – Smooth Criminals and how not to get robbed, DevFest Florida – Jan 2019 – Orlando, FL


Speaker – Android Animations: Smooth Criminals, performance and rendering, Valley DevFest – October 2018 – Fresno, CA

Speaker – Android Animations: Smooth Criminals, performance and rendering, GDG Oxford – October 2018 – Oxfordshire, GB

Speaker – Android Animations: Smooth Criminals, performance and rendering, Droidcon London – October 2018 – London, GB

Speaker Build and Android App in an Hour – WWC Dallas – August 2018 – Plano, TX

Speaker – Animations, smooth criminals – August 2018 – Remote, Nike Internal Dev

Organizer LetsPlay Gaming Expo 2018  Free Play Console, Arcade, and vintage Computer areas-July 2018

Speaker – Animations, smooth criminals, 360|AnDev – July 2018 – Denver, CO

Speaker – Whiteboarding 101 for effective interviewing – WWC North Dallas – June 2018 – Plano, TX

Speaker and Mentor – FedEx Mobile and Beyond hackathon – June 2018 – Irving, TX

Speaker – My Journey in Stem for TexPrep at Texas Wesleyan University – June 2018 – Fort Worth, TX

Speaker – Intro to Android for TexPrep at Texas Wesleyan University – June 2018 – Fort Worth, TX

Volunteer and Organizer – Google Assistant for your Communities Day – May 2018 – Dallas, TX

Speaker and Mentor – Free Money and Swag, GDG Global Summit – May 2018 – Mountain View, CA

Speaker and MentorAmerican Airlines Hack Wars with Intel  (1200 people!) – April 2018 – Dallas, TX

PresenterInternational Women’s Day Dallas  with Women Who Code, GDG Dallas, WTM Dallas- March 2018 – Plano, TX

Presenter Texas pinball Festival, Vector Restoration and Hacking Group,, Dallas Makerspace – March 2018 – Frisco, TX

Speaker – State of IoT Panel – IoT DevFest – January 2018 – Phoenix, AZ

SpeakerIoT with Firebase! – IoT DevFest – January 2018 – Phoenix, AZ

SpeakerFirebase Analytics++ with AndroidWindyCity DevFest – January 2018 – Chicago, IL


Speaker Firebase Hackathon – December 2017 – New York, NY

Speaker Firebase Analytics for Android WorkshopDevFest NYC – December 2017 – New York, NY

Presenter / Speaker– Houston Arcade Expo  – October 2017 – Houston, TX

Presenter – Retropolooza – October 2017 – Addison, TX

Speaker:   – September 2017 – Addison, TX

Firebase Analytics Workshop for Android – custom presentation here

Speaker: Google Developer Group Dallas – August 2017 – Addison, TX

Spread Your Wings with Spannables

Mentor and Speaker: NoD Coworking – July 2017 (3 Full Days)- Plano, TX

Techstars Dallas Startup Weekend (Hackathon)

Speaker: Dallas Makerspace – August 2017 – Carrollton, TX

“Bad Caps” a Presentation and Interactive workshop on Types of capacitors, usage, identification and restoration with Raymond Jett (arcadecomponents.com) Shawn Christianson,  and Stacy Devino

Speaker: Lets Play Gaming Expo (cast on Twitch) – July 2017- Irving, TX

Process of ROM hacking – vintage arcades w/Stephen Wylie

Speaker: 360|AnDev – July 2017- Denver, CO

Spread Your Wings with Spannables

Speaker: Google Developer Group Dallas – June 2017- Addison, TX

Google I/O Codelabs

Speaker: Realm HQ – May 2017- SanFrancisco, CA

Google I/O Women of Android

Speaker: GDG NA Summit – May 2017- MountainView, CA

Increasing Attendance to your GDG

Presenter/Speaker:  Dallas Makerspace “Open House” event – From Prototype to Production Q&A panel – April 2017 – Carrollton, TX

Presenter/Speaker:  Texas Pinball Festival – Vector Committee, Pinball Restoration Demo – March 2017- Frisco, TX

Speaker: IEEE IoT and Sensors – Feb. 2017 – Plano, TX

Intro to Android Things presented with John Lindsey 


Speaker: Vector Committee / Dallas Retro Gamers – December 2016- Carrollton, TX

ROM Hacking and Custom Graphics for Vintage Arcades – Stephen Wylie and Stacy Devino

Speaker: Hackster.io – November 2016- Plano, TX

Technical Deep Dive – BriteBlox hardware design and coding as well as medium-scale Hardware Production 

Speaker: Big Android BBQ – October 2016- Hurst, TX

So you want to be a Corporate Developer? – Programming professionally in Android

Speaker: Retropolooza Gaming Conference – October 2016 – Arlington, TX

How to Build a Giant NES Controller and Restoring and Hacking Vintage Arcades/Pinballs

Speaker: Dallas Makerspace OpenHouse – September 2016 – Carrollton, TX

Funding your Projects to Sell or be a full-time Business

Teacher: Dallas Android Developers Group : June 2016 – August 2016 – Dallas, TX

Video Playlist of Live Sessions < In Person and Online Class appx. 75 students

One of the beginning meetings

Speaker: Intel Developer Forum (IDF) : August 2016 – San Francisco, CA

Hack Harassment : Doing Nothing Says Everything

Speaker / Mentor: IEEE Dallas / Fort Worth : August 2016 – Carrollton, TX

Android Sensor Coding Workshop

Speaker: 360 An|Dev Conference : July 2016 – Denver, CO

Threads, Pools, Async Tasks, and Executors, Oh My!

Video of Talk

Speaker: Women Who Code Dallas : July 2016 – Dallas, TX

Introduction to Coding for Android : Making your first App

Speaker: Dallas Android Developers Group : June 2016 – Addison, TX

Libraries I wish I knew about when I started : RetroFit

Speaker: Dallas Android Developers Group : May 2016 – Addison, TX

I/O Recap and FireBase

Interview: Home Depot Corp : March 2016 – Irving, TX

My Personal Interview for Home Depot Careers site and Commericial


Featured Person in Video about Home Depot Dallas Technology Center

Speaker: Dallas Android Developers Group : Jan 2016 – Addison, TX

Network Performance and Optimization in Android with Example Code!


Speaker and Organizer: Women in Tech : December 2015 – Plano, TX

Women of Tech Power, how to get ahead like a lady

Interview: Android Developers Youtube Channel w/ Natalie Villalobos : December 2015 – Hurst, TX

An Interview with Stacy Devino
Speaker and Mentor: Women Who Code : November 2015 – Plano, TX

3D CAD modeling in Code 
Speaker : Big Android BBQ : Oct. 2015- Hurst, TX

Big Trouble in Little Networks (Android)
Speaker and Organizer: Women Techmakers : August 2015 – Dallas, TX

Its in 3D???!! 3D modeling, materials, and printing basics

Women Techmakers Earrings, Badges and More!

3D Printer Basics and Overview

Speaker and Mentor: Women Techmakers : July 2015 – Dallas, TX

Applications and Demos of 3D and Augmented reality technologies
Speaker : Dallas Android Developers : June 2015 – Dallas, TX

Google I/O what to know and what does it mean
Speaker and Mentor: Hack for the Homeland (DARPA) : June 2015 – Dallas, TX

Overview of IoT technologies and what really fits your needs
Speaker and Mentor: Hack to the Future by Hackster.io : May 2015 – Dallas, TX

How to Hack to your Future

Speaker : Big Android BBQ : Oct. 2015- Hurst, TX

Timings of Init : Android Ramdisks for the Practical Hacker


Keynote Speaker and Mentor : Intel IoT Roadshow : Sept 2014 – Austin, TX

Creating from Scratch, revolutionizing old technology 

Android and Edison are best friends
Speaker : SoHacks Hackathon : July, 2014 – San Antonio, TX

Making Apps is so easy a child can do it, a kid like you!

Presenter : Frisco MakerFaire : Apr. 2014

Keynote Speaker : Hardware Startups and Crowdfunding : March 2014 – Dallas, TX

Kickstarter, what to do and know before your big success
Speaker and Mentor : Several ATT Hackathons throughout 2012-2015

2013 and earlier

Presenter (pre) :Sci-Tech Discovery Center’s Heroes of Discovery Lecture Series : Aug 2013 – Richardson, TX

Speaker: Dallas Android Developers Aug 2012 – Dallas, TX

Non-native Android development for Beginners