So as a little blurb for what this blog is going to be about: 

1. Stuff I am up to (building, designing, hacking)
2. Stuff that people I know are up to 
3. Stuff I think is cool
4. Occasional Girly-geeky-ness

A few words about myself:

I am a Technology Enthusiast who is female and also into music/art/etc. I build things that are technology or non-techno related (music). I design circuits and software, play around with high end mobile devices, media junkie (music and video), and on occasion I play RPG’s and FPS. I have a daytime engineering job and went to an excellent school. No an English major, sorry…. So why don’t you come with me on a journey to see what the latest and great around the net is, from the funny to the outlandish!

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