Here is an old Cube that I had while I was an intern. Did the post-it decoration during my lunch hour.

In fact, the company workers were reluctant at first (saying it was too flashy). However, they kept it up for two years after I left and gave no one my old cube until they ran out of space. People found it cheery! yay for smiles!

First Summer was very early pre-nintendo video games, next summer it was nintendo!

Summer #1

Summer #2

*Shield was made non-Christian as to not offend – company policy*
Maybe one of the secretaries should have talked to my boss and my boss’ boss. 
I had full permission to do what I had done.
Best part is just what an EPIC FAIL that this is. 
When trying to tell someone not to use/waste post-its, probably not best to write it on a POST-IT!
Fail Blog eat your heart out!

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Anonymous · March 15, 2011 at 3:32 AM

I am in awe of you. You are awesome. And apparently pretty, too!!

-Timmy D
(Long Live XDA)

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