Here, I will be going through a simple tutorial of how to fix your glasses when you loose a screw or a nut or the nose pads or even if you just want a more comfortable pair of specs that don’t tangle in your hair. I will be showing you how to do this for pennies! This will also make your screws more secure too.

I love my designer sunglasses, but they get caught in my hair and are not very comfortable for wearing for multiple hours. Here is what they looked like before:


– PolyMorph Plastic beads (free if you have done the Iso Headphones, otherwise buy HERE)
– Heat Source ( I used a Creme Brulee Butane Torch)

Step 1

Heat up one plastic bead until it becomes clear

Step 2

Apply the bead to the back of the screw, rounding it out. This makes it impossible to get stuck on your hair. Repeat for all of the screws.

Step 3

Heat up two beads and roll them together to make one bead.

Step 4

Remove the stock nose-pieces from the sun glasses. (keep the screw and screw it back in to give the plastic something to hold onto).

Step 5

Heat the large ball and put it in the nose-piece. While still warm, place the eye glasses on your face and smooth out to preference.

Step 6

Let Cool and Be Cool.

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