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Someone I know has run into problems with her daughter. Anything that you can add to help would mean a lot and helps give a fine young woman a true future.


Here is a synapses from my friend about her daughter. 

Well in short haha as if there is a short form – Emma (my daughter – 16 years old) was born with CP Cerebral Palsy spastic diplegia – she has had four ankle surgeries, bone fusions, and pins in her feet. She used to walk on her toes like a ballerina all the way into Middle School but these surgeries fixed that.
However the CP causes intense pain through out her entire body but mostly in her lower back and legs, ankles, feet, knees.
She deals with pain daily and can’t take most pain meds due to her Diabetes for one thing (she was diagnosed with that at age 6) also they don’t put kids on narcotics long term anyway because narcotics ruin other organs which of course diabetes does as well.

So that is the past in a really small nutshell but right now Emma is dealing with Gastrointestinal problems – its kinda gross so I will spare you the details but she has already had a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Thursday has a Gall Bladder Scan and next week a Bowel Emptying Study. She goes to Physical Therapy three times per week. She has a diabetic specialist as well as many other doctors and appointments – basically Stacy – my life and hers is spent in doctor offices. She can walk but only about 5 minutes before having to stop and sit and then the pain is so intense she can’t even go to the mall with friends or have any kind of a normal life.  Also the bowel issues MAY or MAY NOT have to do with her diabetes or her CP – they don’t know yet.
She takes 15 different medications each day.

Coming up – other than all the bowl issues there is a surgery – Its called Selective Dorsal Rhyzotomy – done in St. Louis – the doctor – Dr. Park is the pioneer of this surgery and the way he does it is ONLY done in St. Louis – good thing – we are in Kansas! Its in our own back yard!! Some people come from all over the world for this surgery! This surgery known as SDR for short will cut a bone plate from her spine and then cut some of the spinal cords releasing the spasticity in her legs and back which cause her not to be able to move properly and also cause the pain.

With that said there are expenses – my work has been cut down more than half due to all the medical stuff going on with Emma so money is not good.

Here is a link to the donation site and also a break down there of the expenses well not dollar for dollar but a number list of some of the expenses I am trying to cover right now.

Stacy you have to know I hated making this site. I am one of those women who does everything for herself so doing this kinda sucks for me. BUT this is for EMMA so I figured I would just swallow my pride and do it – she needs this.
Thank you for any help you can offer in spreading the word I DO appreciate it!!
Here is the link – oh you may have to scroll down a few comments to see the actual post:
www.gofundme.com/assistemma “
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