Meet Bender, the insulting, cigar smoking, drunk robot from #Futurama‚Äč in #Pumpkin Form! #Fox #happyhalloween2014


When you pass by, the LED flashes while he spits insults. LED flashes as he speaks. When no motion is detected, he is silent and the LED is doing an RGB sequence.

Mp3 Serial module, PIR sensor, Intel Galileo, Seeduino Grove Shield,and RGB led.

Programmed, carved, and decorated in 1 Hour with my team from work for company Halloween Party. Runs on Battery Pack inside pumpkin.

Made using SeeedStudio #Grove and Intel #Galileo #Intelmaker

Code will be posted on my website and such later this afternoon. Its cross compatible with all #Arduino – based boards.

Supported Wifi updates (since everything is INSIDE the pumpkin) and commands to remotely turn off functions (silence, volume control).

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