I made these for the Big Android BBQ and some of the female Presenters.

All are Plastic or Resin-Cast in multiple pours just due to the mature of the shape, but you might never know.

These clear resin with Glitter ones were part of the Charity Raffle and helped raise money for Rapha House


These are the Full Glittered out ones which were given to people like Chiu-ki Chan (Dev Awesomer), Natalie Villalobos (Head of Women Techmakers), Joanna Smith (Google Dev. Advocate), and a Blank female-only one made for Virginia Poltrack (Artist Extraordinaire).

IMG_20151020_003551~2 IMG_20151020_003322~2 2015-10-30 CSClWu1VAAEus3F CSQ8hEnUAAA229b CR9vYlmU8AA4OhZ


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