These are the Picture Instructions to the 3D printed Women Techmakers  RGB Light-Up Jewelry Collection. See files and more here:

Final Product – Fabulous!

Gather Your Supplies, make sure you have everything in the picture.

Unpack the Battery and check the LED by placing between the leads

Fold Over the Edges of the LED (be careful to create a smooth bend (may use your nail) to make sure you do not “snap” off the leads

Fold the Bottom edges of the LED for the bottom 1/3rd of the ledand push the two wires together a bit to have only a small gap, making a spring hold

Put the LED inbetween the leads (It should hold the Battery on its own

Put it into the back pf the Pendant from the top (sliding it in).

Put the backing on the back of the pendant and try to get the ends into their slots a bit so it is easier for the next step

Flip over the Pendant onto its Back and push Firmly against a flat. sturdy surface to push in the backing

Voila! the Pendant is Assembled and ready to put the necklace cord through.

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