“Oh Hai!” My x Cortez custom sneaker 🔥. So cute! 🤗 I wanted a more simple, easy to wear sneaker that I can take to and speaking events like . Say Hai! 👋

Here are the Vector Graphic files for cutting the vinyl to size.



Angelus Black

Angeus White (for edging and fixes)

Angelus Joker Green (6+ coats)


  1. Use Acetone to lightly remove the glaze from the leather in areas you will paint

  2. Hand-paint the Swoosh using toothpicks with the edges also painted in black

  3. Place vinyl stencils n the shoe (sized appropriately to your shoe size, for my size 7 Mens/ 8.5 Womens this was 1″ for the heel logo, 3″ for the toe icon, and 0.5″ for the tongue icon ). Make sure the stencil is applied as well as possible and smooth.

  4. Paint in the stencils with 6 coats of the joker green.

  5. Remove Stencils once semi-dry (not fully dry as otherwise you risk pieces coming off).

  6. Clean up any edges using toothpicks as brushes.



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