Android Oreo Costume

This Halloween I made my own Android Oreo Costume in celebration of Android 8 Oreo!                       The costume consists of Tunic  White Leggings Green Legwarmers 3D printed Antennae (Click here to grab them on Thingiverse!) WonderWoman Bracers  Green Cape Cut Out Oreo Graphic (appx 18-24″ depending on person – Click here to get the File!)   Follow @DoesitPew

Stargate Pinball Reactive LED Ring Mod/Hack!

If you want to see more of the whole process of fixing, restoring and customizing this Stargate Pinball machine, you can look at my post on the subject here :   The Game while in play at TPF   The game already looked great, played extremely fast because of all of the polishing and slicking of all the ramps and playfield, but that Stargate Ring in the top-box looked sad. This is a game from Read more…

Restoring a Stargate Pinball machine (with 3D printed parts)

So, last year I bought a Stargate Pinball Machine in pretty sorry shape. The Plastics were dull and scratched and the playfield (in-fact the entire game) was incredibly dirty and needed some minor repairs. This was clearly a machine which had been in an operators’ possession its entire life (I purchased it from an operator) and they are not known for keeping machines in top shape. Cabinet was in great shape and the game was Read more…

Acoustic Cups for M560 Monoprice Headphones

This is the perfect middle ground between the stock open and closed settings. The closed was tighter and more accurate, but completely lacked sound-stage and depth. The Open had great sound-stage, but lacked accuracy and had wobbled out bass. Files for Download Here: These get a near perfect middle ground, maintaining the accuracy and punchy bass of the closed, while allowing a larger head-stage and balance from the open setting. This allows the headphone to Read more…

Custom HHKB-Style Alps 60% Keyboard

Finished my HHKB Style Alps 60% Programmable keyboard. The Plate is 2mm Acrylic layered with Maple Veneer and clear coated. Switches are Matias Quiet Click and PCB is KiiboHD Inifinity 60% (one of the few HHKB PCBs that supports Alps). Files for the plate for 3D printing or Laser cutting are available here:   Keyset if fro the Alpine Winter Groupbuy from a couple of years ago. Laser Cutting:   Follow @DoesitPew