Thought I would post some progress on the collaborative project between my Boyfriend (Stev-o) and myself on our Android Music Program!!!!! 
This program need some more rework and a UI….however most of the functions are working decently well. 
You can use Voice to text for searching or type it in (personally I like using my Swype keyboard). This will generate the individual songs and playlists instantly playable by your media player of choice!
Search for a song on your phone by any information: 

This program allows you to find any song on your phone by any metadata about the song. Want to find every song made in 1974? Type in “1974” and you will see a list of all the songs sang in 1974 from your library! Can you only remember pat of a song name or artist name? Type it in and see the results when you hit search! It really is that easy and you won’t spend all that time scrolling through menus to find that perfect song for that perfect moment.
Search by Humming or Singing: 

This feature is enabled through the use of the NSF funded TuneBot project by Bryan Pardo at Northwestern University. TuneBot is a crowdsourced Sound-Hound alternative that is Free, Open, and Ever-Expanding. You can contribute to the Database by playing KaraokeCallout  on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and play a game too. It is free and highly reccomended. Plus the more you play, the better this program becomes and the bigger the database of songs is! You will see a VU meter pop-up when you try to hum, just make sure it does not go all red when singing as that means that you have had some clipping. This will show you the best matches from your phone music as well as best overall online results if you do not happen to have the song on your device (so that you can get it online – ie Youtube).  
Search by Lyrics: 

Can’t remember the name of that song, but you can remember the refrain? Man, who knew that “Teenage Wasteland” was really “Baba O’Riley” ? The lyric search is provided by ChartLyrics and is Super Fast! Just like the searching for Metadata feature, you can type or speak your query. This will return the best matches from your Music on your device as well as the best matches online like the Humming feature. 
Sideload it
Background and Future Work: 
Basically this project stemmed out of my boyfriend not having bluetooth in his car like I do in mine. He wanted to have voice control instead of fudging with buttons and scrolling through lists every time he wanted to listen to something. Plus, he is pretty mood-music kind of guy and never bothers to put together a playlist.  In the future we hope to have voice commands added so that you can be in your car and say “Mix Country and Rap” and to will start playing all of your Country and Rap music for example. Eventally, would be very cool to have voice command dialing of phone numbers too. 


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