This drink uses Yerba Mate, a holly plant that makes a beverage known as Mate in South America. It has a very Veg-ital taste that has a touch of bitter to it normally when brewed. The most similar thing is Japanese green tea, but I have found that most Teas make terrible mixed drinks (sans earl grey and english breakfast). Numerous health benefits are to be had from drinking mate and it has a higher caffeine count than normal tea, so it is a good coffee substitute. 


– Yerba Mate (I used Cruz de Malta as it is less bitter than many other varieties)
– Middle Eastern Mint (sweeter and not as strong or herbal tasting as what we get in the states)
– Honey (whatever kind you like – Orange Honey is especially delicious)
Milk (2%)
– Lemon Juice (optional)
– Ice

Step 1

Warm some water to appx. 190 degrees F
Step 2
Mix 1 part Mint to 4 parts Yerba Mate
Step 3
Put the mix in your Tea Filter and Pour the warm water over it and let steep for 4 minutes to make a concentrate.
Step 4
Put 2-3 Tablespoons of Honey at the bottom of the glass to taste.
Step 5
Put the concentrate in the glass about halfway up and stir to dissolve the honey.
Step 6
Add in about 7-10 ice cubes
Step 7
Add Milk to the top, a cap full of Lemon Juice, Stir and ENJOY!

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