OWTSee.com is a free Web and Mobile (Android and iOS) application that tells you what kind of public resources are around you!

Find Public Parks, Meetups (Meetup.com), Directions, Parking, Vendors, Landmarks, Art, Cultural Institutions, Museums, Jobs, Internships, After-school Programs, Social Integration, AND MUCH MORE!

Web: owtsee.com
Android: market.android.com/details?id=us.one_dollar.Owtsee
Opportunity (jobs, after school programs, legal help, etc.): owtsee.com/opportunity/nyc/
Mobile: owtsee.com/nyc/index-mobile.php

We are ALWAYS adding more to the Site and Innovating new ways to access Data (like Doodling which is our own innovation). Comment with your City and Representative if you would like OWTSee in your City or Town.

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