I thought I would try out my hand at painting my first Vinyl Doll. This is the 4″ Mini Munny doll blank (about $10).

People who know me will know that I really like Doctor Who (as you can tell from my pictures with my DIY Tardis and Tardis disappearing Mug at work. This is the 11th Doctor aka Matt Smith. I didn’t feel like taking the time to scuplt add-ons using sculpty or magicsculpt or even using poly-morph plastic.

Minor Backside mistakes from handling the next day. Meh, it happens and because I used Acrylic paint, totally fixable!Yep, this vinyl doll is on display at my workplace. Turned out fairly well for just some $1 pack of brushes and $5 of acrylic paint. Remember guys, this was my first time!

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