After a bunch of work, I present to you WORKING CLOCKWORKMOD!

IMG_20130115_122504*Big thanks to those of you who worked on the d2att, that code was invaluable for getting a working graphics driver and some unknowns I could not see.*

You can also use this to get ROOT!

I built this on the SGH-497, but is might very well work because many of the ramdisk files for the recovery were written for the SGH-497 and SGH-T779 on the code. LET ME KNOW IF THIS WORKS FOR THE T-MOBILE VARIANT. Funny thing is that they used the SAME CODENAME as the non-d2-based Galaxy Tab 2 for the codename of this device. Therefore I am calling it the espresso10att to separate it a bit.

– Windows Computer with Samsung Drivers installed
– Odin if on Windows/Heimdall on Linux
– sdcard in the /sdcard slot

1. Download my Odin package HERE

2. Download SuperSu from Chainfire and copy to your sdcard:

3. Open Odin (as administrator) and hit the “PDA” button, remember to uncheck the reset

4. Mount Device into Download Mode (PWR, Vol) and Hit go on Odin once it appears.

5. Once Finished, Reboot into Recovery

6. Backup your existing image

7. Flash SuperSu from SDcard

8. Winning.

****In the process of doing this, I had to bust my /system in order to get the files required.
I would strongly appreciate if anyone can send me a copy of their boot.img and either a copy of their system.img or system.tar.ext4 made by clockworkmod. ****

Part of doing this was integrating everything with the d2-variant build chains in CM9 and CM10. Therefore a CM9 port should be quickly forthcomming. My Github will have all of this code up there soon, I have a bit of cleaning to do….and comment adding.

Thanks Guys!


darrell · October 29, 2013 at 4:51 AM

commenting here cause it is the right place unlike my other one…..


thus far from all my searching you seem to be he closest to finding the answer to the using an att i497 tab 2 10.1 as a phone.

i have a rooted 4.1.2, i do not have a dialer app, i can use calculator to get to factory mode.

do you have progress in this recently?

i bought the tab cause it said that there was voice calling support supposed to be installed factory, making for a 10.1 phablet basically heh… anyhow…this is not the case apparently.

if you have any ideas about the solution for this email me and i will send you my number. I am not super android guy but i am very technically inclined and follow instruction extremely well.

    astala · January 27, 2014 at 10:01 AM

    hii.. any solution ?? i have the same problem

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