This is my contest entry (Stacy Wylie /Childofthehorn / DoesitPew?)  for the DVDLUP day tatoo contest. 

This is a Windows Phone 8 and Nokia development teaching day for getting started with different topics. Since I had already done a Windows phone app, I decided to get more into UNITY. 

This is just my fun play on “Makers gonna Make”. Break out the markers and make my own steampunk inspired phone.

Front perspective of DIY Tatoo

Front perspective of DIY Tatoo


1. Big Selfie/Conference camera  with rotatable “Gear” Lens zoom

2. Big Speaker for ear and speakerphone

3. Multifunction Trigger for use in specific apps

4. Pressbutton to be combined with Trigger 

5. Antique frame inspired bottom for easy finger grip


It combines 3 of the tatoos available into a single image!


Thanks Nokia and Windows and DVLUP for allowing me a little bit of fun.


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