This is just some stuff that I had made when I was stuck in the iPod/iPhone universe. Switched to Android in June and have not looked back, except for the pictures that is.

* Likely the smallest iMod/DIYMod iPod ever made with Film capacitor dock. It uses an iPod Touch 1G which was taken apart and the DAC outputs relayed out to the dock connector. From there a standard iPod dock connector connects to an external output stage made of high quality components. Then it goes to a headphone amplifier and finally a set of Custom in-ear Monitors. Likely the best sound you can get that still fits in a pocket. The cover on the iPod Touch is an engraved steel which was electroplated and had sticker added to the back for application.

Some of my other uber small dock connectors and mods. These are likely the VERY smallest iPod dock connectors ever made, many containing 6-8 strands of UPOCC coper or silver wire. Thank you Shape-lock!

This is a DIY iPod Dock using wood, plastic, and audiophile grade connectors. The dock portion had a standard iPod/Apple dock adapter so that it could fit any iPod with the adapter that came with it. Even made a few of these with iMod output stages in them for people, yes I was able to fit giant film capacitors in there. It has a nice charging circuit too!

Hope that you guys liked that blast from my past!

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Bob · March 18, 2011 at 2:48 PM

Very Cool!

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