Cheapskate: Coffee Sleeve Phone Video Stand 2

Have you ever been stuck in the Airport and really want to watch a movie or do you quickly realize once you have boarded the plane that you don’t want to be holding the tablet or phone for the whole flight?

Why not enjoy this double recycling (as it is made of recycled cardboard to begin with) of a disposable phone stand?

Its pretty simple,

1. Take the sleeve off of your luke warm or gone coffee cup
2. Fold in the sides till they hit the edges of the Dunkin Donuts printing
3. Fold in (airports have no scissors) or cut just above the printing
4. Done.

You might be interested to know that if you wish to keep your phone standing in portrait that you can fit your iPhone or Android charing cable in the small crevice.

*To those who are uber cheapskate, you can always just grab a coffee sleeve by the condiments of most every coffee serving establishment.*

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2 thoughts on “Cheapskate: Coffee Sleeve Phone Video Stand

  • childofthehorn Post author

    It doesn’t when you have it set on a table and are looking at it at an angle.

    The same comment could be said on MOST phone stands. This is am impromtu way to prop up your device for watching something in an airport or coffee shop.

    Also, is the personal comment really needed?